List of Banks in Indonesia 2024

Indonesia's banking sector has experienced a profound transformation, evolving from its modest beginnings to becoming a robust and modern financial pillar in the Southeast Asian economy. As the nation's central bank, Bank Indonesia has been instrumental in directing monetary policy and fostering sector stability, even amidst global economic disruptions. Its critical regulatory functions and policy implementations have been central to the banking sector's ability to adapt and thrive.

The journey of the Indonesian banking system showcases the nation's economic tenacity and adaptability. As the banking sector matured, it successfully navigated through international financial turbulence, welcomed strategic reforms, and leveraged technological innovation to enhance efficiency and customer service. The bank's vigilant oversight and strategic policymaking remain essential in maintaining the momentum of growth and innovation in Indonesia's banking industry.

Comprehensive Directory of Banks in Indonesia

Indonesia's banking landscape is a blend of state-owned entities, private banks, Islamic banks, foreign banks, and regional development banks, each playing a unique role in the country's economic fabric.

List of Banks in Indonesia

State-owned banks

Bank Mandiri

Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)

Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN)

State-owned subsidiaries banks

Bank Mandiri Taspen (majority owner Bank Mandiri)

Bank Raya Indonesia (majority owner Bank Rakyat Indonesia)

Bank Hibank (majority owner of Bank Negara Indonesia)

Regional-owned banks

Bank BPD Bali


Bank Banten

Bank Bengkulu

Bank BJB

Bank DKI

Bank Jambi

Bank Jateng

Bank Jatim

Bank Kalbar

Bank Kalsel

Bank Kalteng

Bank Kaltimtara

Bank Lampung

Bank Maluku Malut

Bank Nagari

Bank NTT

Bank Papua

Bank Riau Kepri

Bank Sulselbar

Bank Sulteng

Bank Sultra

Bank SulutGo

Bank Sumsel Babel

Bank Sumut

Private banks

Bank ANZ Indonesia

Bank Artha Graha Internasional

Bank BNP Paribas Indonesia


Bank Bukopin

Bank Bumi Arta

Bank Capital Indonesia

Bank Central Asia (BCA)

China Construction Bank Indonesia

Bank CIMB Niaga

Bank Commonwealth

Bank CTBC Indonesia

Bank Danamon

Bank DBS Indonesia

Bank Ganesha

Bank HSBC Indonesia

Bank IBK Indonesia

Bank ICBC Indonesia

Bank Index Selindo

Bank J Trust Indonesia

Bank KEB Hana Indonesia

Bank Maspion

Bank Mayapada

Bank Maybank Indonesia

Bank Mayora

Bank Mega

Bank Mestika Dharma

Bank Mizuho Indonesia

Bank MNC Internasional

Bank Multi Arta Sentosa

Bank Nationalnobu


Bank of India Indonesia

Panin Bank

Bank Permata

Bank QNB Indonesia

Bank Rabobank International Indonesia

Bank Resona Perdania

Bank SBI Indonesia

Bank Shinhan Indonesia

Bank Sinarmas

Bank UOB Indonesia

Bank Victoria Internasional

Bank Woori Saudara

Foreign banks

Bangkok Bank

Bank of America

Bank of China


Deutsche Bank

JPMorgan Chase


Standard Chartered

Government-owned sharia banks

Bank BNI Syariah

Bank BRIsyariah

Bank Syariah Mandiri

Bank Aceh Syariah

Bank BJB Syariah

Bank NTB Syariah

Private sharia banks

Bank BCA Syariah

Bank Mega Syariah

Bank Muamalat Indonesia

Bank Net Indonesia Syariah

Bank Panin Dubai Syariah

Bank Syariah Bukopin

Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Syariah

Bank Victoria Syariah


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