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Philippines Central Bank to Introduce Incentives for Green Financing


The central bank of the Philippines is proposing the introduction of new incentives to encourage sustainable and green project financing in the country.

How to Set Up a Representative Office in Indonesia


Opening a representative office is the fastest and simplest way of establishing a legal entity in Indonesia.

Proposed Regulatory Framework for Single Family Offices in Singapore


The Monetary Authority of Singapore is proposing a regulatory framework for single-family that would allow it to enhance its defense against money laundering in the SFO industry.

Boosting Share Market Liquidity: Decreased Stamp Duty on Bursa Malaysia Trades


Malaysia has reduced the stamp duty rate for shares traded on Bursa Malaysia from 0.15 percent to 0.1 percent.

Exploring the Philippines’ Latest Economic Reforms: Unlocking Investment Potential


The Philippines has implemented key economic reforms over the last three years to improve the business climate and attract foreign investment.

Vietnam Implements Enhanced Regulations on Foreign Bank Branch Lending Activities


The State Bank of Vietnam issued Circular 06/2023 which introduces stricter control over the lending activities of foreign bank branches in Vietnam.

Navigating Intellectual Property Rights in Singapore: An Overview


We discuss the types of intellectual property that are afforded protection in Singapore and the associated procedural formalities.

How to Open a Corporate Bank Account in Singapore?


We discuss the requirements to open a corporate bank account in Singapore, including the necessary documents, and procedures, and note the country’s prominent banking institutions.

A Closer Look at Vietnam’s Anti-Money Laundering Law


Vietnam’s updated Anti-Money Laundering Law went into effect in March 2023. The Law aims to prevent financial crimes in the financial system.

Comparing Singapore Business Entities: Choosing the Right Structure for Your Venture


Foreign companies can set up a variety of business structures in Singapore for their investments.

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