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Laos Implements Mandatory Bank Accounts for Foreign Investors


The Bank of the Lao PDR issued a new regulation that mandates foreign investors to open a local bank account within 15 days of obtaining a business license.

Philippines Enacts New E-Commerce Regulation


The Philippines government has adopted the Internet Transactions Act of 2023 (ITA), a new law governing the country’s e-commerce industry.

Navigating Personal Data Protection in Indonesia


Indonesia’s personal data protection law states the types of legal basis for obtaining and processing personal data as well as the criminal and administrative sanctions for non-adherence.

Guide to Indonesia’s Halal Certification Requirement: Q & A


Indonesia’s GR 39/2021 mandates businesses in most industries to be Halal compliant and Halal certified.

Thailand Implements Mandatory Reporting of Business Operator Income on Electronic Platforms


Thailand’s Revenue Department has required electronic platforms such as e-commerce and e-marketplaces to disclose their revenue from the business operators on their platforms.

MAS Sets New Standard with Digital Platform for ESG Data Collection


The Monetary Authority of Singapore launched a new digital platform called Gprnt , which aims to simplify how the financial sector collects, access, and acts upon ESG data.

Singapore Cybersecurity Draft Amendment Bill: Public Consultation Ends Jan. 15


The Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore is seeking views on the draft Cybersecurity (Amendment) Bill until January 15, 2024. We list key threats that are being addressed by the Bill.

How to Register a Trademark in Indonesia


For businesses to take maximum advantage of the Indonesian market, they must trademark their brand and products to ensure their business interests are protected.

Singapore to Amend Free Trade Zones Act, Strengthening Powers to Tackle Illegal Trade


Singapore’s Parliament has proposed a bill to amend the 1966 Free Trade Zones (FTZ) Act and make related changes to the 1960 Customs Act.

Singapore Proposes New Bill to Regulate Significant Investments in Critical Entities for National Security


Singapore’s proposed Significant Investments Review Bill will increase oversight of ownership changes in critical entities.

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