This guide provides vital economic, geographic, and regulatory insights and guidance that business investors, managers, or expats need to understand Indonesia, and chart their path to a healthy business. Find spotlight and explainer articles, news updates and factsheets, useful tools, as well as webinars and videos featuring on-the-ground advisors that contribute to the Doing Business in Indonesia knowledge.

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Why Invest in Indonesia

Abundant resources, strategic location, growing consumer market, improving infrastructure, and government support make Indonesia an attractive investment destination with vast potential for economic growth.

Setting up and Operating in Indonesia

Businesses operating in Indonesia must navigate a dynamic market, diverse cultural nuances, and complex regulations to seize opportunities in this promising economy. Our guides introduce the latest steps and procedures to set up and structure your business efficiently, navigate your tax and compliance, and manage human resources and payroll requirements across the country's varied regions.

Where to Invest

We discuss the potential hot spots for foreign investors when choosing where to invest in Indonesia by looking at incentives, regional advantages, and logistics infrastructure within this archipelago of more than 17000 islands.

Sector Insights

Indonesia offers investors low wage costs, an increasingly attractive investment climate, a huge domestic market, and access to other ASEAN markets. However, which sectors investors should focus on may be a challenging question to answer.

Setting Up a Business

Learn key considerations when setting up a business in Indonesia, how to set up a representative office or PTPMA, how to open a bank account, or even how to close a business in the country.

Taxation and Accounting

Discover accounting and audit compliance as well as Indonesia's tax requirements for businesses and tax-paying Individuals, transfer pricing rules, plus various links to helpful resources to managing your business in Indonesia.

Human Resources and Payroll

Learn about HR and Payroll in Indonesia – from labor laws to hiring and terminating employees. We provide a comprehensive overview of how entities in Indonesia can manage their people in compliance with local requirements.

More Guidance and Resources

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Find guidance and expertise to help realize your plans, read recent news by ASEAN Briefing, and join upcoming Indonesia business events. To look beyond Indonesia, choose another country to explore via our online Doing Business guides to support your growth plans for Asia.

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Insights from On-the-Ground Contributors

  • The Indonesia government has vowed to continue implementing prudent macroeconomic policies and structural reforms in the country to improve the ease of doing business. On going business reforms aim to stimulate domestic and foreign investment by removing bureaucratic inefficiencies, simplifying business licensing requirements, and liberalizing industries. Foreign investors currently operating in or looking to enter the Indonesian market will gain significantly from the improving business environment.
    Alberto Vettoretti Managing Partner Hong Kong Office
  • As a vital player within the ASEAN region, Indonesia boasts a significant share of approximately 40 percent in the bloc's economic output. This impressive statistic underscores the fact that companies cannot overlook Indonesia as a formidable contender when contemplating international expansion. Indonesia's vibrant economy, rich natural resources, and ever-expanding market make it a compelling destination for investors. However, investors must attain a comprehensive understanding of this market to achieve success.
    Marco Förster Head of ASEAN Advisory Ho Chi Minh City Office
  • Indonesia, an emerging global powerhouse in Asia, stands proudly as the largest economy in Southeast Asia and the only member of the G-20 from the region. With its abundant natural resources and a youthful and expanding workforce, Indonesia offers a burgeoning domestic and regional market, rendering it an increasingly appealing investment destination. Moreover, the Indonesian government is consistently working on creating investor-friendly policies and reducing bureaucracy to attract more investment.
    Jennifer Halim Manager Jakarta Office
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