Singapore’s Data Center Sector: Regulations, Incentives, and Investment Prospects


Singapore is renowned for its highly advanced telecommunications sector, marked by an impressive network infrastructure and exceptional connectivity. Cumulatively, this presents various data center investment opportunities.

Indonesia’s Data Center Industry: Investment Outlook and Regulations


Indonesia’s data center industry offers promising prospects, particularly as the digital economy is expected to reach a GMV of US$360 billion by 2030.

Vietnam Bolsters Regional Financial Links through Connectivity Payment Initiative


Vietnam officially joined ASEAN’s Regional Payment Connectivity initiative, which aims to enhance cross-border payment systems in the region.

Recent Developments in the Singapore-Australia Green Economy Agreement


Singapore and Australia updated the progress of their Green Economy Agreement during the 8th Singapore-Australia Annual Leaders’ Meeting in June 2023.

Taking Advantage of Singapore’s Jurong Port Free Trade Zone: A Guide


The Jurong Port FTZ offers various advantages including duty and tax exemptions, and simplified customs procedures.

Onshore Earnings Retention for Indonesian Commodity Exporters


Indonesia is obligating commodity exporters to retain a part of their foreign exchange earnings onshore from August 1, 2023.

Indonesia Launches World’s First State-Backed Cryptocurrency Bourse


Indonesia launches the world’s first state-backed cryptocurrency bourse as part of its aim to strengthen the regulatory environment for this booming sector.

Unleashing Nickel’s Potential: Indonesia’s Journey to Global Prominence


We look at the foreign investment potential in Indonesia’s commodities sector, with a focus on nickel resources and EV battery manufacturing.

Adapting to Singapore’s Escalating Rental Prices: Strategic Implications for Foreign Businesses


Despite soaring rental costs, Singapore continues to maintain its status as a favored destination for international corporations.

How to Obtain Tax Incentives for Investments in Indonesia’s Marine and Fisheries Sectors


Indonesia offers a variety of income tax incentives for investors that invest in its marine and fisheries industries. Here are the criteria.

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