Vietnam and Denmark Strengthen Ties for Sustainable Agricultural Development


Denmark and Vietnam seek further collaboration in sustainable agricultural development.

Vietnam’s Updated Telecommunications Law Takes Effect July 1


Vietnam’s updated telecommunication law, designed to align with the current digital economy, will take effect on July 1, 2024. Specific provisions regarding data centers, cloud computing, OTT services, and network number fees will become effective on January 1, 2025.

Hanoi’s Push to Become Southeast Asia’s Semiconductor Hub


Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is taking measures to realize its ambition to become a hub for semiconductor production in Vietnam by 2050.

Indonesia’s Electric Battery Industrial Strategy


Indonesia’s ambitious targets in the electric battery industry offer a prime opportunity for strategic investments and partnerships.

Unlocking Opportunities: Malaysia Removes Visa Requirements for Chinese and Indian Travelers


Malaysia has removed visa requirements for Chinese and Indian travelers as the country aims to boost its tourism industry.

Coal Production Goals vs. Environmental Responsibility: Indonesia’s Dilemma in 2024


With Indonesia aiming for a coal production of 710 million tons in 2024, the country is driving a delicate balance between economic growth and emission reduction.

Malaysia’s Semiconductor Sector Beckons Foreign Investors


Malaysia wants to develop its semiconductor industry beyond assembly and testing into more value-added production such as integrated circuit design.

Opportunities for Investors in Indonesia’s Cosmetics Industry


We discuss the business opportunities catering to halal cosmetics and personal care products in Indonesia’s beauty industry as domestic purchasing power increases.

Renewable Energy Manufacturing Potential in Southeast Asia


Southeast Asia has the potential to be a global leader in renewable manufacturing while simultaneously achieving its economic growth targets.

Saudi Arabia and Indonesia Collaborate to Elevate the Assurance of Halal Products


Saudi Arabia and Indonesia signed a MoU on Halal product assurance cooperation in addition to the mutual recognition of each other’s Halal certificates.

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