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Thailand’s Public Holidays for 2023


ASEAN Briefing outlines Thailand’s public holidays for 2023.This is a comprehensive list of those holidays.

Malaysia’s Public Holidays for 2023


ASEAN Briefing outlines Malaysia’s public holidays for 2023. This is a comprehensive list of those holidays and the states they apply to.

Singapore’s Public Holidays for 2023


Singapore’s public holidays for 2023 were released in April 2022. In total, it has 14 days for 10 public holidays (instead of the gazetted 11 public holidays).  The President of Singapore can declare any day a public holiday. If a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following day is usually declared a public holiday, […]

The Guide to Employment Visas for Foreign Workers in Indonesia


Indonesia has introduced new reforms on foreign employment visas through the introduction of the Omnibus Law, also known as Law No. 11 of 2020 on Job Creation. 

Indonesia Increases the Minimum Wage for 2023


Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower announced that minimum wages across the country will increase by a maximum of 10 percent for 2023.

New Health Insurance Requirement for Short Term Foreign Workers in Indonesia


Foreign workers in Indonesia on short-term work permits are now required to obtain health insurance.

Indonesia Relaunches Multiple Entry Visa Service


Indonesia’s Directorate General of Immigration officially relaunched the multiple entry visa service on November 28, 2022.

Malaysia Introduces Electronic Option for the Renewal of Employment Passes


Malaysia will introduce the option for Employment Pass holders to renew their permits electronically from December 1, 2022.

Thailand Increases Daily Minimum Wage Rates for 2022


Thailand has increased the daily minimum wage rates across all its provinces by an average of five percent.

Cambodia Opens Foreign Employee Quota Application for 2023


Cambodia has opened the foreign employee quota application for businesses for 2023.

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