Indonesia’s Public Holidays and Joint Leaves for 2023

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The Indonesian Government released the official 2023 schedule for Indonesia’s public holidays and joint leaves through its Announcement of the Cabinet Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia on the 2023 National Holidays and Collective Leave.

The SKB determined 28 days of national holidays and joint leave for 2023, consisting of 16 days of national holidays, and 12 days of joint leave.  The selection of national holidays and joint leave days for 2023 aims to improve the productivity of workdays while also establishing standards for public and commercial organizations to follow when implementing national holidays and collective leave days in the upcoming year.

Indonesia’s public holidays and joint leaves for 2023

Indonesia’s public holiday and joint leave schedule for 2023

Public Holiday



Indonesia’s public holidays for 2023 are:

New Year’s Day


January 1

Chinese New Year


January 22

Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad (Isra Mi’raj)

Tuesday February 18

Hindu New Year

Wednesday March 22

Good Friday


April 7

Eid Al-Fitr


April 22, 23

International Labor Day


May 1

Ascension of Jesus Christ


May 18

Pancasila Day


June 1

Waisak (Vesak)


June 4



June 29

Islamic New Year


July 19

Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia


August 17

Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (Maulid Nabi)


September 28

Christmas Day


December 25

Indonesia’s joint leaves for 2023 are:

Chinese New Year


January 23

Saka New Year


March 23

Eid Al-Fitr

Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

April 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26

Waisak (Vesak)


June 2


Wednesday, Friday

June 28, 30



December 26

About Indonesia’s public holidays and joint leaves

There are various public holidays throughout the year in Indonesia. The country counts four different types of holidays: religious, national, international, and commemorative. National holidays are marked as “red date” (“tanggal merah”) on the calendar and imply that government offices, schools, banks, and most businesses will be closed. In addition to official public holidays, the government also provides joint leaves (“collective leave days”), during which public servants will be on leave, but not the other groups. The concept of joint leaves was introduced to stimulate the local tourism industry.

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