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How to Obtain Tax Incentives for Investments in Indonesia’s Marine and Fisheries Sectors


Indonesia offers a variety of income tax incentives for investors that invest in its marine and fisheries industries. Here are the criteria.

New Stricter Requirements for Singapore’s Global Investor Program


Singapore has increased the investment requirements for foreign investors to join the Global Investor Program.

Singapore Budget 2023: Impact for Employees


Singapore’s 2023 budget provides an array of support for local employees. This includes co-funding worker wages and encouraging the reskilling of employees.

Indonesia’s Second Home Visa: What are the Requirements?


Indonesia has issued second home visas, the first of its kind for the country, which will allow foreigners to stay for between five to 10 years.

Minimum Wage Increases for Micro Enterprises in Malaysia Deferred to July 2023


Micro enterprises in Malaysia will not be required to implement the new minimum wage until July 2023.

Thailand Adopts Work from Home Bill: Implications for Employers


Thailand has made an amendment to the Labor Protection Act to offer the same labor rights to remote workers.

Singapore Implements New Scheme to Help Businesses Hire Foreign Workers


Singapore’s M-SEP scheme enables companies to hire foreign S Pass and Work Permit holders above the permitted prevailing quotas.

Thailand’s Public Holidays for 2023


ASEAN Briefing outlines Thailand’s public holidays for 2023.This is a comprehensive list of those holidays.

Malaysia’s Public Holidays for 2023


ASEAN Briefing outlines Malaysia’s public holidays for 2023. This is a comprehensive list of those holidays and the states they apply to.

Singapore’s Public Holidays for 2023


Singapore’s public holidays for 2023 were released in April 2022. In total, it has 14 days for 10 public holidays (instead of the gazetted 11 public holidays).  The President of Singapore can declare any day a public holiday. If a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following day is usually declared a public holiday, […]

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