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Malaysia Launches New Social Visit Pass


Malaysia has recently launched a new social visit pass named PLS@XPATS, which allows social visit pass holders to work in the country for up to 30 days.

Cambodia Increases Minimum Wage for Textile and Garment Sectors for 2023


Cambodia has increased the monthly minimum wage to US$200 from the current US$194.

Updates to Employment Permits for Professional Foreign Workers in Singapore


Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower provides a range of employment permits for professional expatriates planning to work in the country.

Singapore Issues Latest Vaccination Requirements for Work Passes


Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has mandated that all work pass holders must be fully vaccinated when applying for a new work pass.

Malaysia Issues Digital Nomad Visa: What are the Requirements?


Malaysia has issued a special work permit specifically for digital nomads called De Rantau. The program aims to attract foreign and local digital professionals.

Amendments to Malaysia’s Employment Act to Come into Force January 1, 2023


The proposed amendments to Malaysia’s Employment Act hopes to bring the act to international standards as required by the ILO and others.

Singapore Introduces New Work Visa Rules Aimed at Attracting Foreign Talent


Among the new changes is the introduction of the Overseas Network & Expertise Pass, which allows high-earners and achievers to live in Singapore without the need to secure employment first.

The Guide to Employment Permits for Foreign Workers in the Philippines


For expatriate workers and their employers in the Philippines, it is essential they understand the process of obtaining a work visa and employment permit.

Indonesia Makes Changes for the Disbursement of Old Age Security Funds


Employees in Indonesia will not have to wait until the age of 56 to withdraw their JHT / old age security funds. We discuss the new criteria.

Indonesia Ponders Issuing Five Year, Tax Free ‘Digital Nomad’ Visas


Indonesia is pondering whether to issue ‘nomad visas’ to attract digital nomads to work from popular destinations such as the island of Bali.

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