Explore essential Vietnam news and expert insights for foreign investors navigating entry or expanding operations, and tailored to optimize for business success in the dynamic ASEAN market.

Vietnam's Agrifood Export Potential: Key Guidelines for Trade Businesses


We discuss Vietnam's expanding agrifood export market potential and offer practical advice for trade businesses to thrive globally.

Complying with Vietnam’s Personal Data Protection Decree: New Publication


'Complying with Vietnam’s Personal Data Protection Decree' discusses key legislative updates and compliance obligations for businesses and is free to download.

Applying for a Vietnam Work Permit: Guidelines for Foreigners and Employers


Vietnam has amended certain provisions regarding hiring foreign workers and the issuance of work permits. We provide the details.

Dong Nai Province, Vietnam: Opportunities in the Leading Industrial Production Hub


Dong Nai province, in the southern region, is a prime choice for foreign companies in Vietnam with its strong infrastructure, logistics connectivity, and industrial parks. We profile its key advantages that has made it among the top ranked destinations for FDI in the country across multiple business lines.

Vietnam’s Imported Meat Market: Growth Drivers and Regulatory Requirements


We examine Vietnam's imported meat market, including demand growth drivers and regulatory requirements for foreign producers and exporters.

ESG Strategy a Key Focus Area for Foreign Businesses in Vietnam


We discuss findings from the VBF’s survey of foreign business stakeholders in Vietnam, including progress and concerns over ESG priorities.

Vietnam’s Extended Producer Responsibility Policy: Company Recycling Obligations


Vietnam's amended Environment Protection Law (EPL) in 2022 introduced a new “extended producer responsibility” (EPR) policy which places the burden of responsibility to recycle on companies.

Vietnam Decree 23 Outlines Bidding Processes for Key Sectors Projects


Vietnam has introduced comprehensive regulations via Decree 23 on the bidding processes for project implementation and investor selection. It follows the New Bidding Law that came into force beginning of 2024.

Taxes for Foreign E-commerce Firms Earning an Income in Vietnam


Foreign e-commerce firms selling goods or services in Vietnam are now required to pay foreign contractor tax. Here's what foreign firms should know about this latest development.

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