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Reopening of the Malaysia-Singapore Border: Strict Health Protocols to Impact Travelers


As of May 17, visitors from both countries can cross the border for compassionate reasons, such as visiting family members that are critically ill.

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law: The New Unemployment Benefit Program


Indonesia’s GR 37/2021 introduces the country’s first ever unemployment benefit program, which provides cash stipends and training to the unemployed.

Minimum Wages in ASEAN for 2021


Due to the pandemic, many ASEAN members did not raise their minimum wages or did not raise them significantly.

How to Terminate an Employee in the Philippines: A Step by Step Guide


Employers must understand and comply with the Philippines’ termination procedures, especially concerning complex open-ended contract provisions.

Termination of employment in Singapore


Termination of employment in Singapore can be implemented by either the employee or the employer.

Changes to Social Security Rates in Indonesia for 2021


Indonesia has increased its social security premiums for Class III participants but has reduced the maximum wage base for pensions for 2021.

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law: Significant Changes for Contract Workers


Indonesia’s GR 35/2021 stipulates significant changes to fixed-term employment contracts, outsourcing, hours of work, and the termination of employment procedure.

Cambodia’s Foreign Employee Quota Application: Deadline Extended to May


Businesses in Cambodia have until May 31, 2021 to submit their annual foreign employee quota applications for 2021.

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law: New Regulation to Ease the Hiring of Foreign Workers


GR 34/2021 regulation aims to ease the process of hiring foreign workers in Indonesia.

Vietnam’s Regional Labor Market: Labor Cost, Workforce Optimization and HR Strategy


Vietnam’s labor market varies across the country and can prove challenging for first-time investors.

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