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Cambodia’s Foreign Employee Quota Application: Deadline Extended to May


Businesses in Cambodia have until May 31, 2021 to submit their annual foreign employee quota applications for 2021.

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law: New Regulation to Ease the Hiring of Foreign Workers


GR 34/2021 regulation aims to ease the process of hiring foreign workers in Indonesia.

Vietnam’s Regional Labor Market: Labor Cost, Workforce Optimization and HR Strategy


Vietnam’s labor market varies across the country and can prove challenging for first-time investors.

Singapore to Reduce Foreign Worker Quota for Manufacturing Sector


Singapore’s foreign worker quota will be reduced for the manufacturing sector from 20 percent to 15 percent by January 2023.

The Philippines to Suspend Social Security and Healthcare Premium Hikes for 2021


The country passed House Bill’s No. 8461 and 8512 which authorizes the suspension of premium contribution hikes for social security programs.

Cambodia’s 2021 Minimum Wage: Increased for Textile and Garment Sectors


As of January 1, 2021, Cambodia’s monthly minimum wage rate for regular workers is US$192, an increase from US$190 in 2020.

Vietnam Introduces New Labor Code for 2021


Vietnam’s National Assembly approved a new Labor Code which took effect in January 2021.

Singapore Establishes Travel Corridor with Taiwan: Key Features


Singapore has established a one-way travel corridor with Taiwan under the Air Travel Pass scheme (in effect since December 18, 2020).

Indonesia’s 2021 Minimum Wage: No Increases for Most Provinces


The Ministry of Manpower issued a circular in October 2020 advising regional governments not to increase the monthly minimum wage rates due to the ongoing pandemic.

The Singapore-Hong Kong Travel Bubble: Salient Features


From November 22, 2020, the Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble will come into effect, allowing short-term visitors to travel between both countries.

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