Indonesia’s Manufacturing Sector: Practical Information for Investors


We discuss the regional distribution of Indonesia’s manufacturing activities to help foreign investors choose the ideal location to set up.

Microsoft Eager to Build Data Centers in Indonesia


Microsoft Corporation has shown interest in building data centers in Indonesia. The government has prioritized the digital economy as an important sector for economic growth.

Malaysia’s National Automotive Policy 2020: Salient Features


Malaysia’s National Automotive Policy 2020 aims to propel the country to become a regional leader in automotive manufacturing. Read on to learn more.

Indonesia’s Palapa Ring: Bringing Connectivity to the Archipelago


Indonesia has completed the Palapa Ring project, which aims to provide the country with 4G internet access. Read on to learn more.

ASEAN as Asia’s New Manufacturing Hub: Too Good to be True?


Can companies be as productive in ASEAN as they were in China? This article explores productivity rates in some of ASEAN’s top manufacturing hubs.

The ASEAN Automobile Industry: Top Destinations for Manufacturers


ASEAN’s automobile industry offers vast opportunities for investments for manufacturers and distributors of automobile components. Read on to learn more.

Emerging Opportunities in Myanmar’s Construction Sector


Myanmar offers a promising economic environment for construction and real estate investors. The country’s construction sector is only expected to grow in the coming years. Find out more in our latest article.

Singapore: Digitization of a Financial Powerhouse


Financial technology, or Fintech, has experienced rapid growth in Singapore in recent years. Read our latest article to know more about the country’s growing Fintech sector.

Indonesia’s E-Commerce Sector – Market Potential and Challenges


Indonesia’s e-commerce industry holds a lot of promise for foreign investors. In this article, we discuss some of the latest trends in the Indonesian e-commerce market.

Investing in ASEAN’s Tea Industry


In this article, we look at the prospects for the tea industry in Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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