Singapore and Thailand Launch Integrated Real Time Payment Systems


Singapore and Thailand launched the world’s first linkage of real-time payment systems, which will facilitate faster and cheaper cross-border transfers.

An Overview of Malaysia’s Investment Corridors


Malaysia is home to five investment corridors, which offer their own distinct investment roadmaps.

Opportunities in Indonesia’s Financial Technology Sector


Indonesia’s fintech industry is one of the most competitive and dynamic in ASEAN. The country is home to 20 percent of all fintech companies in the Southeast Asian bloc.

Opportunities for Foreign Investors in Indonesia’s Digital Economy – Latest Issue of ASEAN Briefing Magazine


In this issue of the ASEAN Briefing magazine, we examine new investment opportunities in Indonesia’s digital economy.

Seizing Investment Opportunities in Vietnam’s Garment and Textile Industry


We investigate Vietnam’s fast-evolving garment and textile industry – its development, growth, and opportunities for investors.

Vietnam’s Solar Industry: Bright Prospects for Investors


Vietnam’s energy consumption will continue to grow as the economy recovers from the pandemic-induced downturn.

Vietnam’s Automobile Industry and Opportunities for EU Investors


Vietnam’s automobile industry presents growing opportunities for EU investors thanks to a growing middle class and the upcoming EVFTA.

Singapore Announces Strategy for E-commerce Industry: Potential for Global and Regional Hub


Singapore’s Minister of Trade introduced the latest plans to transform his country into a regional and global e-commerce hub.

Laos Planned Railways: Opening a National Rail Network in 2021


At present, Laos doesn’t have any railways. However, that is about to change in 2021, through progress on the China-Laos Economic Corridor.

Investment Infrastructure Projects in Indonesia Contributing to Improved Manufacturing Capability


Investments in infrastructure are contributing to Indonesia’s improved manufacturing capabilities.

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