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    ASEAN Case Study: The Auto Industry and GM

    With the ASEAN Economic Community going into effect at the end of this year, many companies are now seriously considering moving their operations to the region. However, the question remains as to where in ASEAN to base your business. As such, it is helpful to consider corporations that have made the move to ASEAN in the past and to try and understand their reasons for doing so. We delve into GM’s expansion into the region and provide snapshots of their operations in a few key countries.

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    Indonesia Online: A Guide to E-commerce

    While currently, e-commerce only accounts for less than one percent (worth ~US$2 billion per year) of Indonesian retail spending, analysts believe that the country’s fast growing middle class and proliferation of smartphones will soon raise that share to eight percent (worth US$8 billion) in just a few years. If that scenario were to happen, then Indonesia’s e-commerce market would be the largest in Southeast Asia.

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    Indonesia-Malaysia Financial Agreement a Model for Bilateralism

    Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (OJK) banking supervision commissioner Nelson Tampubolon has said a recent agreement with Malaysia, which eases Malaysian restrictions on Indonesian banks, is a model for future bilateral agreements. He intends to use the agreement as a basis for planned negotiations with Singapore.

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    Key Industries for Investment in ASEAN

    As ASEAN continues its transition to greater economic integration with the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015, the region is seeing strong growth in a number of industries. Among the key business areas are electronics, information and communications technology, textiles and apparel, and medical devices.

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    BPO in the Philippines Could Jumpstart Economic Growth

    The month of August saw an all-time high for employment in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector in the Philippines, hitting over one million employees. The growth in employment is being primarily driven by the expansion plans of a number of companies, such as Accenture and Convergys. Over the past decade, the Philippines BPO industry has seen tremendous growth – revenues and employment have expanded tenfold since 2004. The industry sees an average per year growth rate of 20 percent.

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    Singapore Promotes Green Energy Research and Development

    The Singaporean government announced this morning that it has pledged US$80 million to fund two new research and development R&D initiatives within the energy sector.

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    E-Commerce Markets Across ASEAN

    Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines are quickly becoming four of the hottest e-commerce markets in ASEAN. In this article, we review the characteristics of each nation’s e-commerce markets and highlight opportunities for international investors.

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    Philippines Destined to be Asia’s Next Tech Tiger?

    The Philippines may have the fastest-growing economy in Southeast Asia, but it also has the slowest internet speed in the region. Despite this, some foreign investors believe they may have spotted an opportunity that could turn the country into Asia’s next tech tiger.

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    E-Commerce Across Asia: Trends and Developments 2014: New Issue of Asia Briefing Magazine

    In this issue of Asia Briefing Magazine, we provide a comprehensive overview of e-commerce trends across the Asia-Pacific region with a focus on developing markets in Southeast Asia.

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    Philippines to Offer Tax Breaks to Global Film Production Industry

    A bill has been introduced in the Philippine Senate that would grant tax incentives to foreign and local film production companies in an effort to promote the country’s film industry and create a market for “film tourism.”

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