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Singapore Launches Tech@SG Program


Learn more about Singapore’s Tech@SG program which helps local tech companies recruit highly-skilled foreign talents.

Malaysia Increases Minimum Wage


The government has increased the minimum wage for major towns under 56 city and municipality councils.

Singapore Revises PR Scheme: Courting Investments


Singapore’s government has made changes to its Global Investor Program to make it easier for foreign investors to apply for permanent residence (PR) status.

Myanmar Extends Visa Regulations to Five New Countries


Myanmar has extended visa on arrival access to Austria, Hungary, New Zealand, Czech Republic, and Luxemburg. Read on to learn more.

The Minimum Wage in Indonesia: Increased by 8.5% for 2020


By January 2020, Indonesia will increase its minimum wage by 8.51 percent from the current 2019 rate. Learn more about how this regulation will impact businesses in the country.

Expatriate Workers in Indonesia: New Regulation on Positions Open for Employment


Indonesia’s Ministry of Labor issued Regulation 228, 2019 to define the types of job positions open to expatriate workers in the country.

How SMEs Can Secure Their IT System: Simple Steps


SMEs frequently underestimate the importance of cybersecurity to their business. It’s often not a question of “if” your company will be attacked but “when” . Cybersecurity is an often-overlooked item in small and medium sized companies (SMEs), putting these companies at risk every day. Lack of IT experts, fear of high costs, or even lack […]

Singapore’s Employment Act: The Top 6 Amendments


The Singapore government enacted major amendments to the Employment Act earlier this year. The changes affect human resource administration for employers.

Labor Contracts in ASEAN


In this article, we discuss the salient features of labor contracts and social security obligations in five major ASEAN economies – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Thai Labor Contracts: What You Need to Know


While Thailand does not mandate a written agreement between the employer and an employee, it does impose strict labor regulations with regards to working terms and conditions. In practice, therefore, it is advisable for employers to set out written terms and conditions of employment to avoid legal disputes.

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