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ASEAN Briefing is a platform dedicated to the various and increasing number of trade treaties and agreements throughout the ASEAN region. We trust that our readers will find ASEAN Briefing a useful website to gain valuable insight into the trade regime within the region.

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The Asia Briefing Bookstore is home to our business publications covering China, India, Singapore, Vietnam and other key nations in the emerging Asia region. It is a key part of our integrated digital resource network for foreign investors.

Professional Expertise

Dezan Shira & Associates is a professional services firm providing cross border FDI business advisory, tax, accounting, payroll and due diligence services for global multinational clients throughout Asia. In addition, it advises on DTA, FTA, and related agreements between companies in ASEAN and other areas around the world.


The Asia Briefing multimedia series of interviews, podcasts, presentations, and webinars contains helpful information about how to invest in and operate your business in emerging Asia.

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