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Indonesia and Singapore Implement QR Linkage Payment


Indonesia and Singapore officially launched their cross-border QR payment linkage, enabling consumers and businesses to conduct cross-border transactions instantly.

Strategic International Investments: Unveiling Indonesia’s Growing Appeal for Global Investors


The December 7, 2023 Freedom Business Summit in the UAE will put the focus on increasing attention from global investors seeking offshore investment opportunities and second citizenship options in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s Social Media E-Commerce Ban: Navigating Regulatory Changes


Indonesia’s ban on social media e-commerce transactions will significantly affect key players such as TikTok and their business development.

Powering Progress: Indonesia Unveils Largest Floating Solar Power Plant in Southeast Asia


Indonesia’s President has inaugurated Southeast Asia’s largest floating solar power plant in the province of West Java.

Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Launches Carbon Trading Operations


The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has launched, following approval from the Financial Services Authority, and aligned with the country’s emissions reduction goals and enable transition to renewables.

Indonesia Market Prospects for EV Sales and Manufacturing


We discuss prospects for foreign investors in the Indonesia market for electric vehicles, supported by enabling government policies and raw material supplies.

Indonesia’s Approach to BRICS: Opportunities and Membership Potential


Jakarta weighs up its options as it has decisions to make in early 2024 The idea of Indonesia joining the BRICS group was raised over a decade ago, and Indonesia has participated in some BRICS meetings. Over the past two years, the concept of Indonesia officially joining BRICS has been revived with the support of […]

Indonesia Launches Southeast Asia’s First High Speed Railway


Indonesia has launched Southeast Asia’s first high-speed railway that connects the capital Jakarta to the city of Bandung, 142km east.

Investing in Indonesia: The 2023 Mid-Year Investment Report


In this H1 2023 Indonesia investment report, we discuss the performance of standout sectors and highlight areas ripe for foreign capital infusion, business development, and trade expansion.

Indonesia Introduces De-Dollarization Task Force


Indonesia has introduced a de-dollarization task force to help promote the use of its Rupiah in bilateral transactions and diversify its risk from the greenback.

Showing 10 of 931 articles
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