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How to Set Up a Representative Office in Indonesia


Opening a representative office is the fastest and simplest way of establishing a legal entity in Indonesia.

Indonesia-Iran Preferential Trade Agreement: Unlocking Investment Prospects


Indonesia and Iran signed a preferential trade agreement (PTA) on May 23, 2023, with the aim to increase trade and strengthen diplomatic relations.

Onshore Earnings Retention for Indonesian Commodity Exporters


Indonesia is obligating commodity exporters to retain a part of their foreign exchange earnings onshore from August 1, 2023.

Indonesia Launches World’s First State-Backed Cryptocurrency Bourse


Indonesia launches the world’s first state-backed cryptocurrency bourse as part of its aim to strengthen the regulatory environment for this booming sector.

Exploring Australian Trade and Investment Prospects in Indonesia


Indonesia’s stable economic growth, burgeoning middle-class, and improving infrastructure provide an array of opportunities for Australian investors.

Indonesia’s Social Security System: Key Considerations for Payroll


Indonesia has made it mandatory for all Indonesian citizens and expatriates to participate in its social security programs.

Indonesia Proposes Limited FTA with the United States


Indonesia has proposed a limited FTA that will allow critical commodities used in EV production to be shipped to the US.

Indonesia’s Public Holidays and Joint Leaves for 2023


ASEAN Briefing outlines Indonesia’s public holidays for 2023. This is a comprehensive list of those holidays.

Navigating Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia: An Overview


We discuss the types of intellectual property that are afforded protection in Indonesia and the associated procedural formalities.

Setting Up a Business in Nusantara, Indonesia: Investor Requirements, Tax Benefits


We discuss Indonesia’s corporate establishment requirements and tax benefits for investors in Nusantara, the new capital city.

Showing 10 of 939 articles
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