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Navigating Data Protection Impact Assessments in Indonesia


As part of Indonesia’s data protection law, businesses must implement Data Protection Impact Assessments for activities involving the processing of high-risk personal data.

Exploring Indonesia’s Personal Data Processing Practices: A Comprehensive Overview


Under Indonesia’s PDP Law, personal data processing activities must be conducted in a specific, legally valid, and transparent manner.

Digital Platforms Obligated to Pay for Media Content in Indonesia


Indonesia’s President has signed a regulation that will require companies such as Meta and Google to pay news publishers to feature media content on their platforms.

Appointing a Data Protection Officer in Indonesia


A data protection officer oversees the processing of personal data, ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements.

Religious Holiday Allowances in Indonesia: Obligations for Businesses


With the upcoming Eid-al Fitr holiday in Indonesia, businesses must pay the religious holiday allowance, also known as Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR).

Indonesia Issues New Tax Incentives to Spur EV Production and Sales


Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance issued new tax incentives to spur electric vehicle production and sales in the country.

Understanding Privacy Compliance in Indonesia


A privacy notice in Indonesia serves as an external document, informing customers about the utilization of their data and outlining their data privacy rights.

Picking the Right Entity for Manufacturing in Indonesia


Establishing a foreign investment company is the optimal choice for foreign investors seeking to establish a manufacturing presence in Indonesia.

Updates on Indonesia’s Social Security Schemes


The Indonesian Government introduced the second amendment to the Work Accident Benefit and the Life Insurance social security programs.

Indonesia’s General Elections: What it Means for Investors


Indonesia’s recent election and the presidency of Prabowo Subianto could mean a continuation of economic policies with a focus on growth, resource sector opportunities, and economic reforms.

Showing 10 of 939 articles
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