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Cambodia’s Law on Investment: What Foreign Investors Need to Know


Cambodia’s new investment law aims to increase the country’s competitiveness for foreign investors by modernizing local industries and protecting the rights of investors.

New Requirements for MSME Franchise Holders in the Philippines


The Philippines issued executive order 169 to promote a more equitable and business-friendly environment for MSME franchisees.

Cambodian Companies Now Required to Use National Domain Name


Registered companies in Cambodia are now required to use a local domain name such as for their websites and email addresses.

How to Register a Trust in Cambodia?


Cambodia’s Prakas 003 sets out the establishment, function, and registration requirements of trusts in the country.

Labuan Companies Amendment Bill 2022: Key Updates


New provisions in the Labuan Companies Amendment Bill 2022 affect corporate governance and increases the authority of the financial services regulator.

Thailand Issues First Personal Data Protection Act


Thailand’s first-ever law on personal data protection will come into force on June 1, 2022, after being postponed since 2019.

Cambodia’s First Law on Competition: What Investors Need to Know


In October 2021, Cambodia’s Law on Competition came into effect, marking the country’s first-ever anti-trust law following 15 years of deliberations and delays.

New Criteria for Family Offices in Singapore to Receive Tax Incentives


The Monetary Authority of Singapore announced new stricter criteria for family offices to receive tax incentives in Singapore. The new rules apply as of April 18, 2022.

Proposed Amendments to Thailand’s Public Limited Companies Act


The draft amendments to Thailand’s Public Limited Companies Act aim to modernize the corporate process by allowing meetings between shareholders and directors to be held online.

The Guide to Company Deregistration in Indonesia


ASEAN Briefing provides a guide on how to deregister a limited liability company and representative office in Indonesia.

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