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Exploring Singapore’s New Sugar Regulations and What it Means for Foreign Investors


Singapore has elected to widen its regulations aimed at curbing the nation’s sugar intake.

Indonesia Allows Stock Market Multiple Voting Rights to Lure Tech Listings


Indonesia’s OJK Regulation No. 22/2021 allows tech companies to have multiple voting rights when they conduct an IPO in the country’s stock exchange.

How to Obtain Halal Certification in Indonesia


Indonesia’s GR 39/2021 mandates businesses in most industries to be Halal compliant and Halal certified.

Vietnam’s Intellectual Property Law: New Amendments


Vietnam has made amendments to its Intellectual Property Law, considered the most significant since its creation.

Establishing a Representative Office in Thailand


A representative office is the ideal business entity for foreign investors seeking to explore the Thai market.

Malaysia Makes Amendments to its Patent Act: Key Highlights


Malaysia has made amendments to its Patent Act to ensure that its patent protection laws are in line with international standards.

How to Establish a Branch Office in Thailand


Establishing a branch office in Thailand can be more timely when compared to incorporating a private limited company. However, the branch office can be 100 percent foreign-owned.

How to Establish a Private Limited Company in Thailand


Understand how to establish a private limited company in Thailand, the preferred structure for foreign investors looking to have a legal presence in the country.

Changes to Merger and Acquisition Rules in Malaysia


Malaysia has made changes to its merger and acquisition rules to increase flexibility and transparency and improve regulatory enforcement.

How to Get a Cybersecurity License in Singapore


Cybersecurity vendors in Singapore must apply for a license if they provide certain types of services. We answer FAQs including eligibility for fee reduction.

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