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How to Register a Trademark in Indonesia


For businesses to take maximum advantage of the Indonesian market, they must trademark their brand and products to ensure their business interests are protected.

Singapore to Amend Free Trade Zones Act, Strengthening Powers to Tackle Illegal Trade


Singapore’s Parliament has proposed a bill to amend the 1966 Free Trade Zones (FTZ) Act and make related changes to the 1960 Customs Act.

Singapore Proposes New Bill to Regulate Significant Investments in Critical Entities for National Security


Singapore’s proposed Significant Investments Review Bill will increase oversight of ownership changes in critical entities.

A Guide to Tax Obligations for Non-Resident Property Owners in Vietnam


Foreigners who owns a rental property in Vietnam must understand their tax reporting and remittance obligations.

Singapore Family Office Setup: Structural Model and Entity Formation


Before establishing a family office, families must identify which corporate structure aligns most effectively with their business requirements.

Philippines Central Bank to Introduce Incentives for Green Financing


The central bank of the Philippines is proposing the introduction of new incentives to encourage sustainable and green project financing in the country.

How to Set Up a Representative Office in Indonesia


Opening a representative office is the fastest and simplest way of establishing a legal entity in Indonesia.

Proposed Regulatory Framework for Single Family Offices in Singapore


The Monetary Authority of Singapore is proposing a regulatory framework for single-family that would allow it to enhance its defense against money laundering in the SFO industry.

Boosting Share Market Liquidity: Decreased Stamp Duty on Bursa Malaysia Trades


Malaysia has reduced the stamp duty rate for shares traded on Bursa Malaysia from 0.15 percent to 0.1 percent.

Exploring the Philippines’ Latest Economic Reforms: Unlocking Investment Potential


The Philippines has implemented key economic reforms over the last three years to improve the business climate and attract foreign investment.

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