Vietnam’s Timber Industry: Overview, Challenges, and Opportunities for Foreign Investors


Vietnam is one of the world’s largest exporters of timber and timber products. How can the country leverage this industry to enhance economic growth?

Vietnam to Build First Hydrogen Plant, Coal to Still be Dominant Power Source


Vietnam will build its first hydrogen plant, slated to be finished in 2023. However, the country will continue to rely on fossil fuels, especially coal.

Singapore Introduces New Incentives to Encourage Greener Ships


Singapore’s Maritime Port Authority has issued new incentives for Singapore-flagged ships that undertake decarbonization efforts.

Opportunities in Indonesia’s Internet of Things Sector


Indonesia’s Internet of Things market is expected to reach US$30 billion by 2022. Its impact can enhance industrial productivity and reduce operational costs.

Vietnam Electricity Reforms Spark Opportunities for Foreign Investment


Vietnam’s amended Law on Electricity allows foreign investment in the country’s electrical grid to improve energy quality and capacity.

Cambodia’s Border Reopening: Opportunities for Tourism Sector


Cambodia’s border reopening is a boost to its tourism industry, which is an important contributor to the economy, behind the textile and garment manufacturing sector.

The Philippines’ Border Reopening: Implications for Businesses


The Philippines tourism industry is set to benefit from ease in border restrictions as the country is now open to fully vaccinated international travelers.

Indonesia Bans the Export of Palm Oil, Impacting Global Food Prices


As of April 28, 2022, Indonesia has begun a complete ban on palm oil exports, a move that could threaten global food prices.

The Australia-Asian PowerLink: Encouraging Investments in ASEAN Renewable Energy


The Australia-Asia PowerLink should be a wake-up call for ASEAN members to spur renewable energy investments.

Indonesia’s GoTo Goes Public, Market Capitalization of US$32bn


Indonesia’s GoTo was officially listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange and saw its market capitalization valued at US$32 billion.

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