Indonesia Launches World’s First State-Backed Cryptocurrency Bourse


Indonesia launches the world’s first state-backed cryptocurrency bourse as part of its aim to strengthen the regulatory environment for this booming sector.

Unleashing Nickel’s Potential: Indonesia’s Journey to Global Prominence


We look at the foreign investment potential in Indonesia’s commodities sector, with a focus on nickel resources and EV battery manufacturing.

Adapting to Singapore’s Escalating Rental Prices: Strategic Implications for Foreign Businesses


Despite soaring rental costs, Singapore continues to maintain its status as a favored destination for international corporations.

How to Obtain Tax Incentives for Investments in Indonesia’s Marine and Fisheries Sectors


Indonesia offers a variety of income tax incentives for investors that invest in its marine and fisheries industries. Here are the criteria.

Indonesia’s Top Sectors to Watch for in 2023


Foreign investors should note the key sectors where growth is expected to rise in Indonesia for 2023, including downstream mining and infrastructure.

Singapore and the UK Deepen Cooperation on Fintech and Sustainable Finance


Singapore and the United Kingdom have agreed to deepen bilateral cooperation on fintech and sustainable finance.

Industries to Watch Out for Growth in Southeast Asia in 2023


Despite the prevailing gloomy economic climate, ASEAN remains very attractive to foreign investment, and several industries look to prosper in 2023.

An Introduction to Special Economic Zones in Indonesia


Indonesia has made the development of its special economic zones a priority policy with the aim of attracting over US$50 billion in foreign investment over the next decade.

Philippines Opens Renewable Energy to Full Foreign Ownership


The Philippines has fully opened its renewable energy sector to foreign ownership.

Implementing Industry 4.0 in Singapore’s Manufacturing Sector


We discuss the Industry 4.0 opportunities in Singapore’s manufacturing sector, from electronics to pharmaceuticals, and major players,

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