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Thailand’s Public Holidays for 2023


ASEAN Briefing outlines Thailand’s public holidays for 2023.This is a comprehensive list of those holidays.

Thailand: New Incentives for Investor Retention, Relocation, High-Tech, and Green Industries


Thailand has introduced new incentives aimed at supporting high-tech industries, tax exemptions for companies relocating to the country, and rewarding existing investors.

Thailand and Singapore Sign Agreements to Deepen Economic Cooperation


Thailand and Singapore have signed several agreements aimed at deepening bilateral economic relations.

Indonesia and Thailand Implement QR Payment Linkage, Key to Increasing Digital Integration in Southeast Asia


Enabling cross-border QR payment linkages is also a step towards greater financial inclusion in Southeast Asia.

Thailand Increases Daily Minimum Wage Rates for 2022


Thailand has increased the daily minimum wage rates across all its provinces by an average of five percent.

Thailand Adopts New Five-Year Investment Promotion Strategy


Thailand’s Board of Investment has approved the country’s next Five-Year Investment Promotion Strategy.

Reshoring China Production to Thailand: Key Sectors That Benefit


As the second-largest economy in ASEAN behind Indonesia, Thailand presents ample investment opportunities for foreign businesses.

Opportunities for Foreign Investors in Thailand – Latest Issue of ASEAN Briefing Magazine


The latest issue of ASEAN Briefing Magazine, titled “Opportunities for Foreign Investors in Thailand”, is out now and available as a complimentary download.

Thailand’s Islamic Economy: Sourcing and Consumer Market Opportunities


Thailand’s Halal economy presents ample opportunities for investors in Halal food manufacturing as well as tourism.

2023 Foreign Investment Opportunities in Thailand


Thailand has been a consistent recipient of Chinese investment for some time, and its geostrategic position has made it an important destination for many Chinese investors.

Showing 10 of 693 articles
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