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Indonesia’s Omnibus Law: New Tax Treatment to Support Ease of Doing Business


Learn about new income tax exemptions for foreign dividends received by domestic taxpayers, reduced WHT on bond interest, and other tax law amendments.

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law: Individuals Now Allowed to Incorporate Companies


GR 8/2021 introduces individually owned companies, a new type of company category in Indonesia that can be incorporated by a single individual.

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law: Provisions on Minimum Wage


Indonesia’s GR 36/2021 has eliminated the sectoral minimum wage while establishing a provision for hourly pay for part-time workers.

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law: Provisions on Special Economic Zones


Indonesia’s GR 40/2021 highlights the various tax incentives to attract foreign investors into operating in an SEZ.

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law: The New Unemployment Benefit Program


Indonesia’s GR 37/2021 introduces the country’s first ever unemployment benefit program, which provides cash stipends and training to the unemployed.

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law: Risk Based Business Licensing


Indonesia’s Regulation 5 of 2021 introduces a risk-based approach to the issuance of business licenses.

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law: Significant Changes for Contract Workers


Indonesia’s GR 35/2021 stipulates significant changes to fixed-term employment contracts, outsourcing, hours of work, and the termination of employment procedure.

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law: New Regulation to Ease the Hiring of Foreign Workers


GR 34/2021 regulation aims to ease the process of hiring foreign workers in Indonesia.

New Regulation Opens Up Foreign Investment Opportunities in Indonesia’s Hospital Sector


Indonesia’s hospital sector is now open to 100 percent foreign investment thanks to the Omnibus Law.

Indonesia’s Minimum Wage Rates for 2024


Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower announced the increase of minimum wages across the country for 2024.

Showing 10 of 52 articles
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