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Thailand Economic Growth to be Curtailed in 2015, 2016 to be Brighter


Thailand’s central bank and HSBC have both lowered their growth forecasts for Thailand in 2015. However, both banks have raised their economic outlooks for 2016. In 2014, Thailand’s economy grew at its slowest pace in three years and has failed to recover so far this year.

Doing Business in ASEAN – New Report from Dezan Shira & Associates


The latest report from Dezan Shira & Associates, titled “Doing Business in ASEAN”, is out now and available to subscribers as a complimentary download in the Asia Briefing Bookstore.

Indonesia-Singapore Bilateral Investment Guarantee Agreement to Expire


The bilateral agreement signed by Indonesia and Singapore in 2005 will not be renewed by Indonesia, and is set to expire on June 20, 2016. This bilateral agreement, commonly known as an investment guarantee agreement (IGA), grants protection to Singaporean investors.

State by State – ASEAN and Wisconsin Trade


For a north-eastern State a long way from South-East Asia, the trade relationship between Wisconsin and ASEAN is remarkably robust, with a growing element of the dairy industry now finding its way to new export markets in Asia. In 2012, Wisconsin exported US$1.14 billion in goods and services to ASEAN nations, of which some US$900 million were consumer goods.

State by State – ASEAN and Illinois Trade


Read an in-depth look at the burgeoning trade relationship between Illinois and ASEAN, and the opportunities this brings for your business.

For ASEAN Future FTA Deals, Look Towards Vietnam


With Vietnam just becoming the first Asian country to sign off a Free Trade Agreement with the Moscow backed Eurasian Economic Union, the relevance of how Vietnam plays its bilateral trade agreements has suddenly taken on a more interesting slant.

June 2015 ASEAN Regional Meetings


There are a number of important ASEAN regional meetings taking place in June, including the ASEAN Senior Officials’ Meeting held in Malaysia, and the 5th and 6th Meetings of the High Level Task Force (HLTF) on ASEAN Community’s Post-2015 Vision held in Myanmar and Indonesia respectively.

Brunei Seeks to Improve Business Environment, Diversify Economy Ahead of AEC Compliance


Brunei has acknowledged the need to diversify its economy away from its current focus on oil and gas industries, particularly with the ASEAN Economic Community soon to be implemented. As such, the government is attempting to foster the creation of new core industries and attract greater foreign investment. The governmental plan “Vision 2035” is part of the official attempt to create a more attractive business environment by developing a stable and economic climate in the country.

State By State – ASEAN and Rhode Island


Read an in-depth look at the burgeoning trade relationship between Rhode Island and ASEAN, and the opportunities this brings for your business.

China-ASEAN Cost of Business Comparisons – Executive Summary


Our nine part series on the cost of doing business in ASEAN compared with China details cost of labor and taxes, together with bilateral trade profiles between China and ASEAN countries.

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