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ASEAN Market Watch: slowing confidence in Singapore, Indonesian e-commerce, and declining investment in Thailand


This edition of ASEAN Market watch looks at declining investor confidence in Singapore, the rise of Indonesian e-commerce as well as the factors slowing foreign investment in Thailand.

Germany’s Trade with ASEAN – a Look Ahead Part One


This first installment of a two part article series will examine Germany’s trade with the dynamic ASEAN region, a relationship which is of increasing importance in recent years.

ASEAN Market Watch: Thai 4G and Indonesian Economic Growth


This edition of ASEAN Market watch looks at Thailand’s new 4G mobile network and Indonesia’s stimulus packages which are sure to impact growth prospects for ASEAN’s largest economy.

Myanmar Opens New Stock Exchange – Beginning of New Economic Era?


Myanmar’s new stock exchange – the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) – opened with big expectations. However, despite the grand opening and the US $24 million investment, the bourse will not be operational until February of 2016, or later.

ASEAN Market Watch: Philippines – EU Trade Agreement, Thai Infrastructure Projects, and Cybercrime


This edition of ASEAN Market watch looks at the Philippines – EU free trade agreement, a new Thai rail project, and increased cybercrime in ASEAN.

ASEAN Market Watch: AEC Job Growth, Singapore’s Manufacturing Decline, and Pressures on Myanmar’s Currency


This edition of ASEAN Market watch looks at trends in job growth from the ASEAN Economic Community, declines in Singaporean manufacturing, and pressure on Myanmar’s currency.

ASEAN Market Watch: BPO-IT, Automobile Manufacturing, and Indonesian Moves to Join TPP


This edition of ASEAN Market watch looks at trends in BPO-IT, automotive manufacturing, and Indonesia’s steps to move closer to join the TPP trade pact.

The Upcoming AEC Compliance Deadline


The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) compliance deadline is due at the end of December this year. The implications are many, and not all ASEAN states are equally ready for this looming deadline.

The Philippines Works Towards National e-Payment System


With one of Asia’s largest populations of social media users, moves by the Philippines to create a national e-payments system bodes well for investment opportunities in the country’s e-commerce sector.

Is Cambodia Ready for the AEC?


Cambodia’s integration into the ASEAN Economic Community is fast approaching amid much speculation on whether the country is ready to reach regional expectations, standards and demands.

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