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How to File Your Individual Tax Returns in Indonesia


Taxpayers in Indonesia must file their tax returns by March 31. This can be done online or through a registered tax office.

Tax Incentives for Special Economic Zones in Indonesia


Indonesia has pledged to make the SEZs a policy priority to attract foreign investment – further facilitated through its tax incentive programs.

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law: The New Unemployment Benefit Program


Indonesia’s GR 37/2021 introduces the country’s first ever unemployment benefit program, which provides cash stipends and training to the unemployed.

Individual Income Tax Amendments in Malaysia for 2021


Malaysia’s government has introduced several income tax amendments that will impact individual taxpayers for 2021.

Individual Income Tax in Malaysia for Expatriates


Malaysia uses both progressive and flat rates for personal income tax, depending on an individual’s duration and type of work in the country. Read on to learn more.

Personal Income Tax in Indonesia for Expatriate Workers Explained


It is important for foreign workers to understand their tax liabilities in Indonesia, and to be able to determine which tax law regime will be applicable to them along with exemptions that may bring.

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