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Indonesia’s VAT Rate to Increase in 2025: How Businesses Can Get Ready


The Indonesian government is expected to impose a 12 percent VAT in 2025, an increase of 1 percentage point from the current VAT rate.

Navigating Indonesia’s Housing Savings Program: What You Need to Know


Indonesia’s government plans to introduce a mandatory public housing savings program (Tapera) for employees in the private sector and those who are self-employed.

Singapore-China Bilateral Relations: Trade and Investment Outlook


The evolving trade and investment landscape between Singapore and China showcases enduring cooperation while highlighting emerging challenges.

Vietnam’s Expanding Halal Export Opportunities


With its diverse agricultural base and growing food processing industry, Vietnam can effectively meet the rising needs of halal consumers worldwide.

Thailand Approves Tax Incentives to Boost Domestic Tourism in Low Season


Thailand’s government has approved new tax incentives aimed at stimulating domestic tourism during the traditional low season.

Cambodia and Philippines Conclude Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement


Cambodia and the Philippines have concluded negotiations on a double taxation avoidance agreement that will enable the two countries to mitigate the burden of double taxation on businesses and individuals.

Singapore Designates Nine Entities Critical to National Security Under New Investment Law


Singapore has issued a list of nine entities that are deemed critical to national security under the new Investment Review Act.

China’s Investments in Indonesia: 2024 Outlook


China’s investment in Indonesia spans key sectors like manufacturing, transportation infrastructure, renewable energy, and EVs.

Singapore’s Business Future: Lawrence Wong at the Helm


We analyze Singapore’s economic and political landscape under new Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, highlighting both the challenges and enduring strengths that make it attractive to foreign investors.

Google to Invest US$2 Billion in Malaysia’s Data Center and Cloud Market


Google’s investment in the Malaysia data center and cloud market signifies a broader trend of tech giants recognizing the Southeast Asia hub.


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