Podcast: Talking ASEAN Episode 1 – FDI Opportunities in ASEAN, a Look Ahead for 2017

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In the first-ever episode of the Talking ASEAN podcast series, Dezan Shira & Associates’ Dustin Daugherty and Max Brown provide a country-by-country prediction for ASEAN’s foreign investment future. As part of this, the recent progress and prospects for each economy are evaluated in a regional context. 


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Regional takeaways

Following a successful 2016, which saw the official rollout of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and notable progress in the integration of finance, aviation, and labor mobility, ASEAN’s outlook for investment is expected to remain bright in 2017. According to recent projections from the OECD, GDP growth of the bloc is expected to increase to 4.9 percent, with members such as Myanmar forecasting output rises in excess of eight percent and more developed economies such as Singapore projecting steady rates of 2 percent.

The differentials seen in regional growth rates are, however, far from the only area where ASEAN markets differ. In fact, compared to regional integration projects such as the European Union, the costs, quality, opportunities, and challenges of operating in each ASEAN state can differ quite substantially. As such, successful execution of investment strategy in 2017 will continue to mandate a strong understanding of how individual members of the bloc stack up against one another and where distinctions between markets can be leveraged to facilitate effective sourcing and distribution networks.

ASEAN’s investment outlook for 2017

For an in-depth look at an ASEAN members’ prospects for the coming year, please see our investment outlooks below:  

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