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The Philippines’ 2022 Strategic Investment Priority Plan


The Philippines has extended and expanded the tax incentives for a variety of industries under the 2022 Strategic Investment Priority Plan.

Tax Incentives for Special Economic Zones in Indonesia


Indonesia has pledged to make the SEZs a policy priority to attract foreign investment – further facilitated through its tax incentive programs.

Malaysia Extends Income Tax Incentive Applications for the East Coast Economic Region


Malaysia has extended the timeline for applicants seeking income tax incentives for qualifying activities in the East Coast Economic Region.

Taking Advantage of Singapore’s Double Tax Agreement and Free Trade Networks


Singapore has one of the world’s most extensive DTA and FTA networks and why the country attracts businesses from many nuanced industries.

A Guide to Taxation in Brunei


As a resource-rich country with a small population, Brunei has one of the least number of taxes in Asia.

Electric Vehicles in Malaysia: Tax Incentives for Owners and Manufacturers


As of January 2022, electric vehicle producers in Malaysia can enjoy a variety of tax incentives, such as tax exemptions for imports, excise, and sales.

Malaysia Enhances Incentives for Businesses Looking to Establish a Principal Hub


Malaysia has enhanced incentives for businesses looking to establish a principal/regional hub in the country.

Thailand Issues Tax Incentives for Investments in Local Startups


We list the eligibility criteria, targeted industries, and tax incentives available for entities or individuals making investments into Thai startups.

Tax Incentives for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Malaysia: How Can Businesses Qualify?


Malaysia will continue to accept applications for tax incentives from pharmaceutical manufacturers until December 31, 2022.

Cambodia Delays Capital Gains Tax to 2024: Impact for Businesses and Individuals


Cambodia has officially delayed its planned implementation of capital gains tax to January 1, 2024.

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