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Audit and Compliance in Thailand: A Guide for Foreign Investors


All companies in Thailand must prepare financial statements for their assigned accounting period to the Ministry of Commerce.

Indonesia New Tax Regime for Benefits-in-Kind


Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance issued Regulation 66 of 2023 (MOF 66/2023) to govern the tax treatment of benefits-in-kind.

Business Incentives for Foreign Investors in Singapore


Companies setting up in Singapore are eligible for various incentives that can help reduce their operational costs.

Singapore to Introduce Revised Tax Incentives for Family Offices


Singapore’s central bank is set to introduce revised tax incentives and requirements for single family offices (SFO) to achieve key goals.

Audit and Compliance in Cambodia: A Guide for Foreign Investors


Resident taxpayers are subject to tax on their worldwide income while non-resident taxpayers are taxed on their Cambodia-sourced income only.

An Overview of Goods and Services Tax in Singapore


The goods and services tax is a self-assed tax in Singapore. The current rate is 8%, but this is expected to rise to 9% in 2024.

Audit and Compliance in Singapore: A Guide for Foreign Investors


Singapore makes it obligatory for registered businesses to file annual financial statements and hold annual general meetings.

Transfer Pricing in Singapore: A Guide for Foreign Investors


The Inland Revenue of Singapore (IRAS) endorses the arm’s length principle as its standard guide to transfer pricing.

A Guide to Personal Income Tax in Singapore


Personal income tax in Singapore is based on a progressive tax system, with taxes ranging from 0 to 22.5 percent for 2023.

A Guide to Withholding Taxes in Indonesia


Taxpayers in Indonesia are obligated to withhold taxes on certain payments to residents and non-residents.

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