German FDI in ASEAN Part I: Brunei and Cambodia


ASEAN continues to be an important FDI destination for European investors. Read more about Germany’s investments in Brunei and Cambodia in the first part of our four-part article on German FDI in ASEAN.

Brunei’s Investment Outlook for 2019


Brunei’s government has in recent times sought to diversify the country’s economy by reducing its reliance on its hydrocarbon exports and focusing on industries such as information and communication technology and halal manufacturing. Read more about the country’s latest FDI trends and outlook for 2019 in our latest article.

CPTPP and Opportunities for Businesses in ASEAN


Following the withdrawal of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the 11 remaining signatories agreed to move ahead with a revised TPP. Read more in our latest article on the rechristened Comprehensive Progressive Agreement for the Tran-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

The Guide to Employment Permits for Foreign Workers in Brunei


For expatriate workers and their employers in Brunei, understanding the process to obtain an employment permit is essential. Read more in our latest article.

Import and Export Procedures in Brunei – Best Practices


With Brunei’s single window customs clearance and low tariff rates, exporting into and importing out of the small sovereign state is considerably easier than trading with some of its South East Asian neighbors. In this article we explain best practices for importing into and exporting out of Brunei.

ASEAN Regulatory Brief: Philippines Green Energy Initiatives, Myanmar Industrial Zone Land Use, and Brunei Companies Act Amendments


In this week’s ASEAN Regulatory Brief, we focus on the Philippines’ clean energy initiatives, discuss Myanmar’s crackdown on real estate speculation in its industrial zones, and highlight recent amendments to Brunei’s Companies Act.

An Introduction to Doing Business in ASEAN 2017


An Introduction to Doing Business in ASEAN 2017, the latest publication from Dezan Shira & Associates, is out now and available in the Asia Briefing Bookstore. This guide introduces the fundamentals of investing in ASEAN to foreign investors and provides an overview of current legislation throughout the region.

Donald Trump in the White House: Implications for the Future of the TPP and Free Trade in ASEAN


In this article, we examine the implications of Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections for the future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Free Trade in the ASEAN region.

Indirect Taxation Across ASEAN


VAT and GST rates within ASEAN vary widely between member states – from 12 percent in the Philippines to countries which do not currently levy these taxes at all, such as Laos and Myanmar. For those considering investment, GST, VAT, and other taxation tied to the purchase of specific goods should be watched closely.

ASEAN Regulatory Brief: Foreign Banks in Myanmar, Thai Minimum Wages, and Increasing SME Aid in Brunei


In this week’s ASEAN Regulatory Brief, we discuss the issuance of new banking licenses in Myanmar, highlight rising minimum wages in Thailand, and analyze the impact of SME support in Brunei.

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