Vietnam and Denmark Strengthen Ties for Sustainable Agricultural Development

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Denmark and Vietnam are working to strengthen their collaboration in the realm of sustainable agricultural development.

Jacob Jensen, Denmark’s Minister for Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries, visited Vietnam from May 14 to 16, accompanied by Danish agricultural and food companies specializing in green transformation and sustainability. The delegation included companies with advanced technology and expertise in sustainable development. Both countries signed an MoU aimed to engage in high-level policy dialogues focusing on sustainable food production and the development of efficient, resource-saving supply chains.

Denmark and Vietnam have had close cooperation about food safety and animal feed production. This program is also an important component of the Green Strategic Partnership agreement launched by the two Prime Ministers in November 2023.

Further, Vietnam presents an important market for Danish companies in the agricultural sector with agri-food products making up approximately half of Dutch exports to Vietnam.

Collaboration on food sustainability

Vietnam and Denmark are dedicated to advancing green transition and growth, supporting Vietnam in building a green economy and fulfilling its commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Denmark’s green transition in sustainable food production has resulted in the development of innovative methods and approaches throughout the value chain, which enhance production yield and improve product quality while reducing water and energy consumption. As such, the country has cooperated with Vietnam in developing the Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) Food program.

Managed by the Danish Animal and Food Authority (DVFA) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam (MARD), the two ministries have conducted joint missions to leverage Danish expertise and experience in addressing local priorities, conditions, and needs in Vietnam. The SSC’s goals are to foster sustainable and responsible growth, create jobs, and enhance prosperity in Vietnam, while also eventually opening business opportunities for Danish companies.

The project is divided into two phases.

In Phase 1, the project aims to enhance the foundational conditions for developing the animal feed industry by building the capacity of state officials and improving the legal framework for the prudent use of veterinary medicines.

In Phase 2, spanning from April 2020 to April 2024, the cooperation program focuses on several key areas: increasing the capacity of local officials at all stages of the food chain from farm to table, combating antibiotic resistance (AMR), controlling animal feed, and ensuring the traceability and recall of unsafe foods.

Realizing Vietnam’s agricultural potential

Agriculture contributes a substantial share of Vietnam’s GDP, although its relative contribution has been decreasing as other sectors such as manufacturing, and services grow. Agriculture contributes around 15-20 percent to Vietnam’s GDP.

Despite a gradual shift towards industrialization and services, agriculture remains a crucial sector, employing a large portion of the population, particularly in rural areas where about 60 percent of the country’s workforce is engaged in agricultural activities. This sector plays a vital role in poverty reduction and rural development, providing income and stability to many households. The sector’s output includes a diverse range of products such as rice, coffee, cashew nuts, tea, seafood, and fruits, many of which are exported globally.

Vietnam’s agriculture sector has substantial potential for growth due to favorable climatic conditions, fertile land, and a diverse range of agricultural products. The government has prioritized agriculture as a key area for development, implementing policies and programs aimed at modernizing farming practices, improving productivity, and promoting sustainable agriculture. Initiatives include the adoption of advanced farming techniques, investment in agricultural infrastructure, and promotion of agricultural research and development.

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