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Unlocking Growth: The Role of Asian Trade Agreements for American Businesses


By leveraging Asia’s network of free trade agreements, US businesses can benefit from better access to the large Asian markets.

US and Singapore to Deepen Collaboration on AI and Emerging Technologies


The US and Singapore have committed to deepen their technology partnership by collaboration on key areas of critical and emerging technology.

U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations in the Biden Era: A Timeline


We present a timeline that will track key developments affecting bilateral ties between the U.S. and Southeast Asian economies under the Biden administration.

An Overview of US Trade and Investment in ASEAN


With ASEAN being the US’ fourth-largest trading partner, the region is becoming of increasing importance to US businesses and its government.

Positive Outlook in ASEAN for American Companies


Aug. 29 – According to the 2012/13 ASEAN Business Outlook Survey the majority of U.S. companies operating in the ASEAN region expect to see continued growth in their Asian operations. The survey, conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and their regional affiliate AmCham Singapore, found that 90 percent of respondents will increase their trade and […]

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