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State by State: ASEAN and Arizona Trade


Arizona has a near US$2billion export trade business with the ASEAN nations, representing about 6 percent of the state’s total exports. These support some 11,896 American jobs in Arizona. Learn about Arizona’s present and future trade prospects with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

The Philippines Signs IGA on FATCA with the United States


On July 15, the Philippines entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) on tax information sharing with the United States in order to comply with the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

Assessing Foreign Investment Prospects in ASEAN Through the Business Optimism Index


In recent years, ASEAN has become a hotbed for foreign investment. In 2014, ASEAN member states combined for over US$2.3 trillion in total GDP. Each ASEAN nation, however, present their own unique advantages and challenges for foreign investment. The ASEAN Business Optimism Index, released each quarter by Dun & Bradstreet, provides in-depth insight into business sentiment for the quarter ahead as measured by sales volume, net profit, selling price, new orders, inventory, and employment across sectors and industries.

ASEAN Regulatory Brief: GST and Income Tax Exemptions, FTA, Tightening Inheritance and Gift Tax Regulations


In this ASEAN Regulatory Brief, we look at some of the important regulatory changes taking place in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand during the month of July.

State by State: ASEAN and Virginia Trade


ASEAN may not figure highly on the radar for businesses in Virginia, but exports to the South-East Asian bloc represent a one and a half billion dollar trade value, amounting to 5 percent of all Virginian exports. That amount is not to be sniffed at and suggests potential for development.

State by State: ASEAN and New York Trade


Trade between New York and ASEAN is a multi-billion dollar business and rapidly increasing, with the ASEAN nations of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines & Thailand particularly big markets. Singapore is the hub for shipping to these nations.

State by State: ASEAN and California Trade


In this State by State article, we look at ASEAN’s bilateral ties with California, one of economically successful states in the US, and a major trade partner of the ten nation bloc.

State by State: ASEAN and Michigan Trade


In this State by State article, we look at ASEAN’s bilateral ties with Michigan, a state that has a small but dynamic trade relationship with the ten-nation bloc.

Singapore to Impose New Individual Income Tax Rates in 2017


Singapore’s Inland Revenue Authority has announced that, beginning in 2017, there will be new income tax rates for both resident and non-resident individuals in the country. Many of those affected will see their tax rates increase.

Rule of Law in ASEAN: Not All Appealing


ASEAN has shown mixed results in the 2015 Rule of Law Index, published by the World Justice Project (WJP), an initiative of the American Bar Association. The rankings are based on the results of 1,000 people surveyed in each jurisdiction, and reflect some regional variation within jurisdictions.

Showing 10 of 939 articles
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