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ASEAN Regulatory Brief: Brunei’s New Finance Rules, Eased Export Restrictions for Myanmar, and a Fight Against Graft in Indonesia


In this edition of ASEAN Regulatory Brief, ASEAN Briefing takes a closer look at Brunei’s new finance regulations, the US’s eased export restrictions for Myanmar, and a fight against corruption in Indonesia.

ASEAN Market Watch: AEC Job Growth, Singapore’s Manufacturing Decline, and Pressures on Myanmar’s Currency


This edition of ASEAN Market watch looks at trends in job growth from the ASEAN Economic Community, declines in Singaporean manufacturing, and pressure on Myanmar’s currency.

ASEAN Regulatory Brief: Myanmar’s Internet, SIM Card Regulation, and Thailand’s Business Collateral Act


In this edition of ASEAN Regulatory Brief, ASEAN Briefing takes a closer look at regulations over Myanmar’s internet and mobile SIM cards, as well as Thailand’s new Business Collateral Act.

ASEAN Regulatory Brief: New Shipment Inspection in the Philippines, Regulatory Shifts in Thailand, and Dollar Restrictions in Myanmar


In this edition of ASEAN Regulatory Brief, ASEAN Briefing covers opposition by shippers in the Philippines to new inspection regulations, the splitting of the Thai aviation authority, and restrictions on the use of dollars in Myanmar’s tourism sector.

ASEAN Regulatory Brief: Thai Interest Rates, Myanmar’s Anti-Money Laundering Measures, and New Links for the Philippines’ Stock Exchange


In this ASEAN Regulatory Brief, we look at some of the important regulatory changes taking place recently in Thailand, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

Myanmar Investment Update: Financial Incentives, Myanmar-EU Investment Protection Agreement, and a New Stock Exchange


As Myanmar continues the process of opening up and liberalizing its economy, there have been a number of changes in the level of foreign investment that the country has been receiving. This has occurred in part due to the various new rules and regulations that the government has promulgated in its attempt to improve the country’s business environment.

Logging On: New Internet Cable Boosts Myanmar’s Connectivity with Neighbors


Earlier this week Jiang Zhengxin – vice general manager of China United Telecommunications Corp. –revealed that the company has been contracted to construct China’s first international undersea internet cable linking China and Myanmar.

Myanmar to Commercially Tax All Transactions on Yangon Stock Exchange


According to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar (SECM), all transactions on the soon to be opened Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) will be commercially taxed.

Asian Highway to Link India, Myanmar, and Thailand


A new section of the planned Asian highway linking India, Myanmar, and Thailand has become operational. The 25.6 kilometer roadway will reduce travel time between Thinggan Nyenaung and Kawkareik from three hours to 45 minutes.

The Cost of Business in Myanmar Compared With China


The fifth part in our comprehensive look at how doing business in ASEAN compares with China, this time focusing on Myanmar.

Showing 10 of 323 articles
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