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Case Study: Routing Chilean Investments Through Singapore


Withholdings tax can be among the most inhibitive forms of compliance associated with the remittance process. Find out how your operation can benefit from double taxation treaties through a close look at routing Chilean Investments through Singapore.

In Depth: The Singapore – Thai DTA


Singapore, long known for its exemplary investment climate and lucrative trading arrangements, continues to improve upon its competitiveness with the implementation of an updated Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) with Thailand. Here, we examine how companies can qualify for lowered withholding rates on their dividends, royalties, and interest payments.

Thai Financial Reporting Standards: Guidelines for Annual Compliance


Annual reporting and compliance deadlines are rapidly approaching in Thailand. With this in mind, the following article provides an overview on how to ensure compliance with Thai Financial Reporting Standards (TFRS).

Thailand’s New Transfer Pricing Guidelines


Thailand’s vote this past May to implement a new transfer pricing law is expected to come into effect in the early part of the new year, effecting compliance requirements in the country.

Indonesia’s New SEZ Tax Incentives Explained


On November 5th, Indonesia unveiled its sixth economic stimulus package since September, the most recent incentive aimed at revitalizing its under-performing economy, introducing new SEZ tax incentives and holidays.

Incentives for Renewable Energy Investment in ASEAN


In this article ASEAN Briefing will look at the tax and other incentives provided to companies seeking to invest in renewable energy in Singapore, as well as examine those of other countries within ASEAN.

An Overview of IFRS Adoption in ASEAN – Part Three


In the final installment on the Association of South East Asian Nation’s (ASEAN) adoption of IFRS, ASEAN Briefing touches on the state of harmonization in the Philippines as well as the regional bloc’s frontier economies.

An Overview of IFRS Adoption in ASEAN – Part Two


In part two of this three part series on the state of IFRS adoption in the Association of South East Asian Nations, ASEAN Briefing highlights the alignment of Indonesia and Thailand with international reporting standards.

An Overview of IFRS Adoption in ASEAN – Part One


In part one of this three part series on financial reporting within the Association of South East Asian Nations, ASEAN Briefing outlines the state of IFRS implementation in two of the regions most capitalized economies – Singapore and Malaysia.

Indonesia to Provide Tax Relief to Exporters on Interest Earned from Deposits in Local Banks


Indonesia has announced that it will provide tax relief to exporters on the interest earned from deposits in local banks. The move is part of a larger policy package, launched last month, which aims to jumpstart the economy through greater investment. The performance of the country’s economy has been disappointing for some time now, and the rupiah continues to be weak, falling to its lowest level since the 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis at the beginning of 2015.

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