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Indonesia Proposes Limited FTA with the United States


Indonesia has proposed a limited FTA that will allow critical commodities used in EV production to be shipped to the US.

How RCEP Ratification Benefits the Philippines


The RCEP officially comes into force for the Philippines in early June and opens a gateway of opportunities for businesses and investors.

Examining Thailand’s Economic Revival and Investment Opportunities


Thailand’s economy is forecasted to grow between 2.7-3.6 percent, buoyed by an influx of foreign tourists and improving domestic consumption.

Investment Hotspots in the Philippines: Promising Sectors to Watch


The Philippines is working to move up the global value chains, thereby presenting foreign investors with newfound opportunities.

Czech Prime Minister’s Visit Boosts Strategic Partnership with Indonesia: Key MoUs Signed


Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s visit to Indonesia focused on enhancing relations in key areas such as education, agriculture, and sustainable development.

Opportunities for Foreign Investors in the Philippines – Latest Issue of ASEAN Briefing Magazine


Download our latest magazine covering opportunities for foreign investors in the Philippines.

ASEAN to Increase Local Currency Trade, Reducing Reliance on the US Dollar


ASEAN members agreed to increase local currency transactions and promote better regional payment connectivity at the 42nd ASEAN Summit.

A Guide to Indonesia’s Foreign Investment Trends and Key Infrastructure Projects: New Issue of Asia Investment Research Magazine


This latest issue of AIR focuses on Indonesia’s foreign investment trends and key investment projects.

ASEAN, Russia Commit to Strengthening Partnership


ASEAN and Russia have committed to strengthening their diplomatic relationship at the 19th ASEAN-Russia Senior Officials Meeting.

Singapore and India Link Real Time Retail Payment Systems


Singapore and India have launched a real time payment mechanism (UPI-PayNow) to ease cross-border payments between the two countries.

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