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    Philippines Poised for Foreign Investment Sweet Spot

    The Philippines is set to be the new darling of emerging Asia as its national demographics, partnered with a liberal government reform policy, is beginning to attract a new wave of foreign investors.

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    Malaysia’s 2013 FDI Soars to Record High

    Last year, Malaysia’s FDI inflows hit RM38.8 billion (US$11.7 billion), breaking the previous record of RM37.3 billion (US$11.3 billion), set in 2011.

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    Understanding ASEAN’s Free Trade Agreements

    As Free Trade Agreements continue to take center stage in economic development across ASEAN and Asia, understanding the benefits of these agreements and how to avail them is becoming ever more important.

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    Competition Set to Take Off in ASEAN as Open Skies Policy Looms

    As the biggest airshow in the Asia-Pacific region kicks off this week in Singapore, progress towards implementing an ASEAN-wide open skies regime by 2015 appears to be slow but steady.

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    ASEAN Public Holiday Schedule for 2014

    ASEAN Holiday Schedule for: Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand.

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    Myanmar Steps onto the World Stage

    Myanmar, also known as Burma, has been closed to the world for much of its recent history. However, the country is now going through a process of opening up and liberalization.

    Since President Thein Sein was elected in 2011, Myanmar has implemented a plethora of political and economic reforms. This new political outlook has resulted in the lifting of the long-existing international sanctions regime that had been imposed upon the country.

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    February 2014 ASEAN Regional Meetings

    There are a number of important ASEAN regional forums being held in February, including the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement Joint Cooperation meeting and the ASEAN Finance and Central Bank Working Group meeting.

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    ASEAN 5 Prepares for Integrated Payment System

    The five largest members of ASEAN – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand have agreed to implement an integrated payment system to enable real time gross settlement (RTGS) systems to be in effect by next year.

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    ASEAN Tourism Forum Conference Concludes on Positive Note

    SINGAPORE – At the 33rd ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) in Sarawak, Malaysia last week, ASEAN nations reported a 12 percent increase in tourist visits since 2012. Adopting the theme ‘ASEAN – Advancing Tourism Together,’ Malaysian Minister of Tourism and Culture Nazri Abdul Aziz declared the ATF a resounding success by highlighting the ASEAN community’s rapid[…..]

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    IMF Boosts Philippines Expected Growth to 6.3 Percent

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has raised this year’s growth forecast for the Philippines to 6.3 percent, up from a previous estimate of 6 percent. The upgrade is based partly on a slightly more optimistic outlook of advanced economies, and partly on the on-going reconstruction work that will be required as a result of the[…..]

Showing 10 of 673 articles