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    Indonesia’s E-Commerce Sector – Market Potential and Challenges

    Indonesia’s e-commerce industry holds a lot of promise for foreign investors. In this article, we discuss some of the latest trends in the Indonesian e-commerce market.

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    Malaysia to Re-Introduce Sales and Services Tax from September 1

    On September 1, 2018, Malaysia will re-introduce the Sales and Services Tax (SST), replacing the three-year-old Goods and Services Tax (GST). Read our latest Regulatory Brief to know more about this levy.

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    Minimum Wage Levels Across ASEAN

    Despite rising salaries, minimum wages in the majority of ASEAN countries remain significantly lower than those in the developed economies of the world. In this article, we highlight the latest statutory minimum wage levels in each of the ASEAN states with the exception of Brunei and Singapore, which do not have a mandatory minimum wage.

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    Indonesia’s Growing Special Economic Zones – Opportunities and Challenges

    Over the last decade, Indonesia’s special economic zones (SEZs) and industrial estates have grown multi-fold. In this article, we discuss the incentives offered by Indonesia to facilitate investment in these zones.

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    Thailand and the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting

    Base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) refers to tax avoidance strategies that exploit gaps and mismatches in tax rules to artificially shift profits to low or no-tax locations where there is little or no economic activity. Read more to know how BEPS affect taxation in Thailand.

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    Residency Schemes in ASEAN – Eligibility Requirements

    Obtaining a long-term residency status is a cumbersome process for foreigners in ASEAN. The regulations and procedures vary significantly between the countries, and can sometimes be an expensive affair.  In this article, we give an overview of the permanent residency and other schemes available for foreigners wishing to reside in any of the following ASEAN states.

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    Corporate Taxation in Singapore

    Read our latest article to understand corporate taxation and the currently available tax incentives for tax resident companies in Singapore.

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    IP Considerations for the ICT Industry in Singapore

    In this article, South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk highlights the measures companies should adopt to protect their IP rights in Singapore’s ICT industry.

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    Singapore’s Rising FinTech Sector

    With a high concentration of financial institutions across banking, insurance, and asset management sectors, Singapore offers an exceptional platform for FinTech solutions. Read more in our latest article.

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    ASEAN Meets with Russia & China; Discusses SCO & EAEU

      Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has been meeting with ministers from the ASEAN bloc of countries in Singapore this past week in preparations for the ASEAN 2018 summit due to be held in November.  Several plenary sessions were held, with China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi also in attendance.  Neither Russia nor China is members of ASEAN,[…..]

Showing 10 of 846 articles