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Monday, November 16, 2020.

Today we have launched our new Asia Briefing Weekly Round Up, designed to provide our ASEAN readers keep up to date with developments elsewhere in Asia. A complimentary subscription to this service can be obtained here.

This week’s latest news: 

Asian Summits Result In US$186 billion RCEP Free Trade Agreement 

Huge FTA market of 2.2 billion ushered in: no immediate further tariff reductions but mutual acceptance of professional qualifications opens up the doors for services sectors, while rules of origin are now standardized across the bloc, motivating investment into Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.

BRICS Strategy for Economic Partnership To 2025 

Russian President Vladimir Putin will host the Heads of State of Brazil, China, India, and South Africa via videoconference tomorrow for the annual BRICS 2020 summit. We examine their strategic vision. 

What To Expect In China’s 14th Five Year Plan 

Policy priorities revealed at the Fifth Plenum offer insights on what industry and businesses can expect from China’s 14th Five Year Plan in March 2021.

India Extends Manufacturing Incentive Scheme For 10 Sectors

India extended production-linked incentives for 10 key sectors, including automotive, food processing, and white goods to boost manufacturing and exports.

India & Russia Looking to Triple Bilateral Trade To US$30 Billion By 2025

India and Russia want to boost their bilateral trade, which is why an India-EAEU FTA has become a priority project for both countries.

Planning Your 2021 Investment Budget: China

We discuss China’s investment appeal going into 2021 and why the country is once again a top choice for foreign companies despite the pandemic.

Planning Your 2021 Investment Budget: India

Multinational firms planning their 2021 investment budgets should consider India with its large competitive workforce and massive middle-class consumer market. We provide cost comparisons and market analysis.

Planning Your 2021 Investment Budget: ASEAN

ASEAN is a market of 600 million people and has the world’s third-largest labor force. It is projected to become the fourth-largest economy by 2030 with domestic consumption doubling to US$4 trillion.

Planning Your 2021 Investment Budget: Russia

ASEAN Trade with Russia is increasing, while Singapore and Vietnam have recently signed trade agreements. Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union exports are up 43%. Favorable tax and free trade incentives and membership of BRICS with a middle-class consumer base of 50 million provide cause for optimism.


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