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GST Treatment of Media Sales in Singapore: Changes from January 2022


Singapore’s Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) has underlined the basis for which the supply of media sales will be subject to zero percent goods and services tax.

Cambodia Issues Tenth Round of Stimulus Measures


Cambodia has issued its tenth round of stimulus measures to help specific industries mitigate the economic impact caused by the ongoing pandemic.

New Tax Measures Impacting Businesses and Individuals in Malaysia’s Budget 2022


Malaysia unveiled a variety of tax measures in its new budget that will impact businesses and individuals in 2022.

Mauritius to Tighten India Tax Treaty Loophole, Singapore to Benefit


Jul. 26 – Mauritius, long the largest sender of foreign direct investment into India thanks to a loophole in its tax treaty which allows Mauritius-based holding companies to offset capital gains taxes (CGT), is finally looking to close this loophole following pressure from the Indian government. The Indian government has estimated that over US$74 billion […]

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