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Indonesia’s Positive Investment List: Sectors Open and Restricted to Foreign Businesses


Indonesia’s Positive Investment List allows 100% foreign investment in over 200 business lines, with several incentives for priority sectors.

Navigating Southeast Asia: Maximizing Market Entry Success Through Multi-Country Benchmarking


A multi-country benchmarking study can assist Southeast Asia investors in meticulous assessment of the region’s comparative advantages.

The Guide to Employment Contracts for Foreign Workers in Indonesia


Applying for an employment permit in Indonesia as a foreigner involves several steps and requirements. We provide a detailed guide.

Vietnam’s Legal Framework for Personal Data Protection Initiated


Vietnam announced the development of the Law on Personal Data Protection to bolster data privacy measures and align regulations for a more cohesive framework.

Indonesia’s Minimum Wage Rates for 2024


Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower announced the increase of minimum wages across the country for 2024.

Indonesia’s Electric Battery Industrial Strategy


Indonesia’s ambitious targets in the electric battery industry offer a prime opportunity for strategic investments and partnerships.

Prospects for Electric Battery Production in Indonesia – Latest Issue of ASEAN Briefing Magazine


In this ASEAN Briefing issue, we provide an overview of Indonesia’s EV battery industry, the various incentives offered by the government, and highlight the right business entity foreign investors should use when entering this industry.

Singapore and Malaysia Plan Joint Special Economic Zone in Johor State


Singapore and Malaysia are partnering to create a special economic zone in Malaysia’s Johor state, adjacent to the Singaporean border.

Malaysia’s Semiconductor Sector Beckons Foreign Investors


Malaysia wants to develop its semiconductor industry beyond assembly and testing into more value-added production such as integrated circuit design.

Singapore Cybersecurity Draft Amendment Bill: Public Consultation Ends Jan. 15


The Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore is seeking views on the draft Cybersecurity (Amendment) Bill until January 15, 2024. We list key threats that are being addressed by the Bill.

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