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Why UAE Businesses Should Establish a Principal Hub in Malaysia


Malaysia presents an attractive principal hub for UAE-based businesses that are seeking to expand in ASEAN.

Malaysia Issues Digital Nomad Visa: What are the Requirements?


Malaysia has issued a special work permit specifically for digital nomads called De Rantau. The program aims to attract foreign and local digital professionals.

Amendments to Malaysia’s Employment Act to Come into Force January 1, 2023


The proposed amendments to Malaysia’s Employment Act hopes to bring the act to international standards as required by the ILO and others.

Malaysia Makes Amendments to its Patent Act: Key Highlights


Malaysia has made amendments to its Patent Act to ensure that its patent protection laws are in line with international standards.

Malaysia Extends Income Tax Incentive Applications for the East Coast Economic Region


Malaysia has extended the timeline for applicants seeking income tax incentives for qualifying activities in the East Coast Economic Region.

Electric Vehicles in Malaysia: Tax Incentives for Owners and Manufacturers


As of January 2022, electric vehicle producers in Malaysia can enjoy a variety of tax incentives, such as tax exemptions for imports, excise, and sales.

Malaysia Enhances Incentives for Businesses Looking to Establish a Principal Hub


Malaysia has enhanced incentives for businesses looking to establish a principal/regional hub in the country.

Malaysia Increases Minimum Wage from May 1, 2022: What are the Implications for Businesses?


Malaysia will increase the national monthly minimum wage from May 1, 2022, by 25 percent from 1,200 ringgit (US$276) to 1,500 ringgit (US$345).

Malaysia’s Post-Election Rally


May 17 – Last week during the national elections in Malaysia, the National Front Coalition (NFC), the party that has governed Malaysia for 56 consecutive years, won a majority of the country’s parliamentary seats to officially extend its reign. The NFC first obtained majority after Malaysia declared independence from Britain in 1957, and has won 13 […]

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