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Instant Mobile Transfers from Singapore to Four Countries: A Breakthrough in Cross-Border Payments


A groundbreaking payment system is set to revolutionize how Singaporeans send money to four key Asian countries.

Singapore Could Grant Tax Rebates to Refineries for 2024-25


Singapore’s refining hub faces new carbon taxes, but proposed rebates aim to sustain its competitive edge.

AWS’s US$9B Infusion Boosts Singapore’s Cloud Hub Status


AWS’s US$9 billion investment in Singapore’s cloud infrastructure enhances the nation’s status as a leading global cloud hub and opens new opportunities for foreign investors.

An Introduction to Doing Business in Singapore 2024 – New Publication from Dezan Shira & Associates


“An Introduction to Doing Business in Singapore 2024” covers market entry, tax, HR & payroll, and audit & compliance considerations.

Audit and Compliance in the Philippines: A Guide for Foreign Investors


The Philippines is modernizing its tax administration by simplifying compliance and introducing a ‘file and pay anywhere’ system for enhanced taxpayer convenience.

A Guide to Taxation in the Philippines – Updates for 2024


The Philippines imposes a territorial tax system, meaning only Philippine-sourced income is subject to taxes.

Singapore Boosts Quantum Computing Investment


Singapore’s quantum computing investments aim to solidify its status as a premier hub for quantum technologies.

New Guidelines for Beneficial Ownership Reporting in Malaysia


New guidelines in Malaysia mandate comprehensive reporting of beneficial ownership, enhancing transparency and compliance in corporate governance.

Audit and Compliance in Malaysia: A Guide for Foreign Investors


The Companies Commission of Malaysia is proposing a change to the criteria for audit exemptions.

Singapore and Cambodia Launch Digital Corridor to Boost SME Trade


The Financial Transparency Corridor aims to boost trade and investment between Singapore and Cambodian SMEs by improving data accessibility and credit assessments.


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