October 2014 ASEAN Regional Meetings

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There are a number of important ASEAN regional meetings taking place in October, including two  events in Manila related to intellectual property rights, and committee meetings on ASEAN-Korea and ASEAN-Japan bilateral relations. The key forums of note for ASEAN Briefing readers are as follows:

September 6-10 (TBD):  79th Coordinating Committee on Services- CCS  – Indonesia

September 7-9:  10th ASEAN Committee on Consumer Protection Meeting – Brunei Darussalam

September 19-29: 10th ASEAN Skills Competition – Ha Noi

September 20-21: Regional Conference on IP Enforcement – Building Respect for IP (ECAP III) – Manila, Philippines

September 20-22: ASEAN Roundtable for the Judiciary on IPR Issues and Enforcement (USPTO) – Manila, Philippines

TBD: ASEAN-Korea Implementing Committee and Related Meetings – Korea

TBD: 12th ASEAN-Japan Joint Committee and Related Meetings –AJCEP – Japan

TBD: ASEAN-China Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation Policy and Management for ASEAN Countries – Beijing, China

TBD: 19th Medical Device Product Working Group – Brunei Darussalam

Oct/Nov: 20th Automotive Products Working Group  (APWG) Meeting and its Related Meetings – Philippines (TBD)

Oct/Nov: 19th ACCSQ Rubber Based Products Working Group (RPBWG) Meeting and its Related Meetings – Indonesia (TBD)

Oct/Nov: 18th Joint Sectoral Committee for Electrical and Electronic Equipments (JSC EEE) Meeting and its Related Meetings – Philippines (TBD)

For the full timetable of ASEAN Meetings in 2014, please see the official ASEAN Notional Calendar.

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