New Health Insurance Requirement for Short Term Foreign Workers in Indonesia

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Foreign workers in Indonesia on short-term work permits are now required to obtain health insurance. Previously, the policy had only applied to long-term workers.

Indonesia has issued a new health insurance requirement for foreign workers who are working short terms (2-6 months) in the country. Previously, the policy only applied to long-term work permit holders. It will be the responsibility of the employer to apply on behalf of their foreign employee.

The policy has been in place since November 8, 2022.

How can employers apply?

Employers must apply for the insurance through ASTAKA online portal and purchase the insurance before hiring a foreign employee. The price of the insurance varies on the length of stay of the foreign worker.

  1. One month: 762,000 rupiah (US$49.14)
  2. Three months: 1,715,000 (US$110.60); and
  3. Six months: 2,477,000 (US$159).

The insurance covers emergency medical evacuations of up to 200 million rupiah (US$12,898) and hospitalization services of up to 25 million rupiah (US$1,612).

Finally, the insurance also covers mortality due to natural causes, illness, or accidents of up to 200 million rupiah (US$12,898), which will be paid in full to the beneficiary. The insurance covers the expatriation of the body covering a maximum of 25 million rupiah (US$1,612).

Once the employer has purchased the health insurance, it can be activated once the short-term work permit is issued.

The foreign applicant will need to provide proof of this health insurance when applying for the work permit.

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