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Tax Incentives for Human Resource Development in Thailand


Thailand is offering up to 200 percent corporate income tax deductions for businesses that invest in human resource development. Read on to learn more.

Indonesia and Tajikistan Ratify Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty


On January 1, 2020, the double taxation avoidance agreement between Indonesia and Tajikistan came into force. Read on to learn more.

Individual Income Tax in Malaysia for Expatriates


Malaysia uses both progressive and flat rates for personal income tax, depending on an individual’s duration and type of work in the country. Read on to learn more.

Understanding the 13th Month Pay and Christmas Bonuses in the Philippines


Confusion over how the 13th month pay and Christmas bonuses differ in the Philippines is common. We look at the differences between the two types of bonus payments, how they are taxed, and who is eligible.

Indonesia’s Income Tax Incentives: Opportunities in Specific Sectors and Regions


The government introduced Regulation 78 of 2019 offering a variety of income tax incentives for investment in specific industries and provinces. Read on to learn more.

Corporate Income Tax in Singapore


Singapore’s corporate income tax (CIT) rate of 17 percent is the lowest in ASEAN and has attracted a dynamic investment community of more than 7,000 multinational firms into the country. Read on to learn more.

Singapore’s DTA Network: What is Covered and How to Claim Relief


Singapore has one of the world’s most extensive double tax agreement (DTA) networks, attracting international businesses from a multitude of industries. Learn on how your business can qualify and benefit from these incentives.

Personal Income Tax in Indonesia for Expatriate Workers Explained


It is important for foreign workers to understand their tax liabilities in Indonesia, and to be able to determine which tax law regime will be applicable to them along with exemptions that may bring.

Tax Incentives for Developing Talent in Indonesia


Indonesia offers tax deductions of up to 200 percent for businesses that invest in human resources development activities, including apprenticeships, work experience programs, vocational programs, and learning activities. Learn more about this incentive.

New Tax Cuts, Incentives in the Philippines under CITIRA


New tax cuts and incentives in the Philippines are available under the Corporate Income Tax and Incentives Rationalization Act (CITIRA). Read on to see if the corporate tax reform benefits your business.

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