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A Guide to Taxation in Thailand


Taxes in Thailand are governed by the Revenue Code, which follows the concept of a self-assessment system.

An Introduction to Special Economic Zones in Indonesia


Indonesia has made the development of its special economic zones a priority policy with the aim of attracting over US$50 billion in foreign investment over the next decade.

Philippines Opens Renewable Energy to Full Foreign Ownership


The Philippines has fully opened its renewable energy sector to foreign ownership.

A Guide to Taxation in Malaysia


Malaysia implements a territorial tax system with residents and non-residents taxed on their Malaysian source income.

Singapore and South Korea Sign Digital Trade Agreement


Singapore signed a digital trade agreement with South Korea in November 2022 under the Korea-Singapore Digital Partnership Agreement (KSDPA).

A Guide to Taxation in the Philippines


The Philippines imposes a territorial tax system, meaning only Philippine-sourced income is subject to taxes.

Indonesia’s Just Energy Transition Partnership: Impacts for the Green Economy


The Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) calls for renewable energy to comprise 34 percent of Indonesia’s power generation by 2030.

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